Introduction of Master Yang-Zhen Duo


Master Yang Zhen-Duo, a native of Yongnian Hsien County, Hebei Province, China, was born in Beijing City, Beijing, China in 1926.  He is the great grand son of Yang Lu-Chan, the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi.  His grandfather is Yang Bai-hou (Jianhou), the second generation of Yang Style Tai Chi lineage.  Yang Zhen-Duo's father is Yang Cheng-Fu - the third generation of Yang Style Tai Chi lineage.  Yang Cheng-Fu established the present-day postures of Yang Style Tai Chi.  Yang Zhen-Duo, the third son of Yang Cheng-Fu, is the fourth generation of Yang Style Tai Chi lineage. 

He studied diligently since early life from his father and his elder brother.  Not only did he practice hard, but he also liked to research and advance his technique.  He pushed hard to understand the advanced concepts of Tai Chi.  His technique is splendid.  Very approachable, he had always treated people around him kindly and wonderfully.  He always teaches patiently a reflection of his father's character.  Tai Chi lovers all over the world applaud his skills and technique.  He has a great desire to pass on his ancestors' great tradition and form.  He unselfishly shares the benefits to all of the people.  Since 1960, he has moved to Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.  Supported by and helped by many people, Yang Style Tai Chi has been spreading out from province to province, counties to villages, factories, and schools thr oughout China.  The knowledge of Yang Style tai chi blossomed all over China.  From China, knowledge of the Yang Style tai chi spread thr oughout the world.  These past 30 years, Yang Zhen-Duo has worked very hard to be elaborate.  The sweat of his brow symbolizes his success.  He has many students all over the world.  The Yang Style of Tai Chi has grown rapidly in leaps and bounds. 

Master Yang Zhen-Duo is now a member of the professional club of the Chinese Wushu Association, a member of Shanxi Sport Headquarters, The vice-president of the Shanxi Wushu Association, a honored general professor of the Yongnian China Tai chi Academy, and president and advisor of many associations in China and abroad.  He got an award as "honorary resident" in 1996 in San Antonio, TX, USA.  In Troy Michigan, he was given the golden key (symbolic of friendship) to the city personally by the mayor. 

The great diffusion of Chinese Wushu thr oughout the world can be partly attributed to the desire for increased health and longevity.  Since 1985, he has come to the U.S. for seminars eight times, France five times, Singapore and Sweden, and Germany two times, and has also taught seminars in Canada and other countries, etc. 

He has received many awards.  In Nianning City, Guangxi Province and Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, 1979 and 1980 respectively, he won gold medals in the China Wushu Tournament awarded by the governing body of the Chinese martial arts community.  In 1983 he received an award of "excellent representation of the sport" at the 5th China Sports Association in Shanghai, China. 

In 1987, he was invited as a "special representative" at the 6th China Sport Association.  In 1995, he was titled the honor of being one of the top 100 masters by governing body of the Chinese Wushu community in China.  Master Yang Zhen-Duo wrote an English version of a book titled, "Yang Style Taijiquan" and Chinese copies of "Yang Style Taijiquan, Sword, and Sabre". 

In 1994, he was invited to film "Yang Style Taijiquan, Sword, and Sabre" by China Yellow River Television.  Again, to satisfy the yearning for knowledge by Tai Chi lovers, he was invited to film "Yang Style Taijiquan, Sword, and Sabre" by People Sport Publisher in China together with his grandson, Master Yang Jun.

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