Introduction of Master Yang Jun

Yang Jun, a native of Yongnian Hsien, Hebei Province, China was born in 1968 in the city of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, China.  He is the 6th generation descendant of the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi.  His father is Yang Duo-fong and he is the grandson of Master Yang Zhen-duo.  Yang Jun is a graduate of Shanxi University, majoring in sports.  He is vice chairman of the Shanxi Province Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association and vice president of the International Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center.  In 1995 he was titled Shanxi Province "Wushu Famous Master" by the Chinese Wushu Association, which governs the Chinese Martial Arts community. 

Because he was born into wushu ancestry, since early life, he had been studying Tai chi from his grand father very hard and always liked to research and advance his level of tai chi.  His Kung Fu foundation is firm and reliable. 

He is good at Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Sabre, Push Hands, and many other forms of Tai Chi. Anyone who has ever seen his performance applaud his steady, full, round, and agile postures. He seamlessly combines soft with hard. The appearance of his form expresses graceful external movements and fiery internal spirit. Elegant and natural, his postures look like his grandfather's movements. 

He is welcomed and applauded by all tai chi lovers thr oughout the world.  He is often invited to present formal meetings, seminars, and performances in China and abroad. During 1990 to 1998, he traveled with his grandfather as his assistant to teach in seminars thr oughout the world. So far, they have been to the U.S. 8 times, two times to Sweden, and they also have been to Singapore, Germany, Canada, etc. He is greatly welcomed by Yang Style Tai Chi practitioners all over the world.  As 6th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi succession, he carries his family's long tradition into the future to spread longevity and health.  Yet, with all his accomplishments and skills, he does not boast his talent.  He dedicates his life to Tai Chi silently.

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